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      Austria is one of the smaller countries in Central Europe, and therefore very easy to get around. Public transportation operated by the national government and state authorities is very efficient and frequent, and can be used by the traveller to visit all major towns and regions.

      For the international visitor, a variety of rail transportation passes makes the cost of travel even more affordable. Most of these travel passes must be purchased before your arrival in Austria/Europe. Car rental is another affordable means to see the country. Usually, a valid national or international drivers licence is all that is required to complete the rentalcontract. In most cases, it is less expensive to reserve and pay for the car prior to arrival in Austria. For those travelling from Vienna to Budapest, the hydrofoil service is an exciting form of transport.


      Rail Services

      Austrian Rail Services


       Rental Cars

      Hydrofoil Service

       Twin City Liner: Vienna - Bratislava - Vienna

      Twin City Liner